Press stamping machines

Cheung Woh is equipped with Stamping Machines from well-known brands such as AIDA, Chin Fong, and Yamada, ranging from high-end to high-speed capabilities. We are able to optimize various manufacturing process capabilities to meet customer satisfaction.

Machines for Hot Forging

We are equipped with 21 units mechanical forging press, ranging from 1000T to 1600T, induction ovens for billet pre-heat. Cheung Woh also utilizes forging simulation software to understand material flow for tooling development.

Sheet Metal Division

Surface finishing

We possess capabilities in:

  1. Automated EN Plating for Steel & Aluminum
  2. Anodizing
  3. Automated AQ Washing

Tool Fabrication & Prototyping

Quality Control / Metrology

Customer satisfaction comes from our assurance of product quality. With updated and enhanced equipment, Cheung Woh is committed to ensuring that quality on our products is meeting customers' requirements.