Competitive Advantage

Dominant Position

  • Supply to top HDD manufacturers
    • Seagate; and
    • Western Digital

Vertically Integrated Operations

  • Capability to carry out the entire manufacturing process for VCM plates, air combs and baseplates
    • Forging
    • Fineblanking
    • Secondary processes
    • Machining processes
    • EN plating
  • Better control of manufacturing processes, quality and delivery schedules

Competitive Cost Structure

  • Economies of scale
    • Translates into cost savings
  • Integrated VCM plates, air combs and baseplates manufacturing plants in Zhuhai, PRC, and in Johor and Penang, Malaysia.

High Barriers To Entry

  • Capital intensive
  • Highly skilled labour
  • Strict qualification processes by HDD manufacturers
    • Requires strong engineering capabilities
    • Established track record

High Volume Capability

  • More than 58,000 sq m of factory space

Strong Manufacturing & Engineering Capabilities

  • Manufacturing
    • More than 45 years in business
    • Strong technical knowledge of precision component manufacturing
    • Keep abreast of technology and industry requirements by investing in new equipment
    • Conducts regular process improvement
  • Engineering
    • Advanced product design
    • Process and productivity improvements

Strong Customer Relationships

  • Established and proven relationships with key customers
    • R&D projects with customers
  • Constant exchange and consultation regarding design and production process
    • Up-to-date information on customers' needs